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Winter 2013 TLI Materials 

Summer 2013 TLI Materials 

  • Agenda
  • Division Recognition
    • Division Governors to recognize educational awards earned from Winter TLI, and any clubs that are distinguished
    • Material: Div Govs to pull information from the Classic reports on the TI website
  • Presentation: Working for the Club
    • Objective: Provide the overall concepts of the service leadership philosophy.
    • Material: attachments 2 (320A) and 3 (320)
  • Presentation: Roles and Responsibilites
  • Discussion: Strategies for a Successful Year
    • Objective – share experiences and information
    • Material – no material – discussion
  • Workshop: Achieving Distinguished at Club
    • Objective: develop a healthy club by following the Distinguished Club Program and Success Plan
    • Material – attachments 1 (299A) and attachment 2 (299CD)
  • Workshop: Achieving Distinguished Beyond the DCP
    • Objective: provide an overview of how the club DCP fits into the Area and Division Club Plan
    • Reference material: Attachment 3: (dadp). There is no Powerpoint.
  • Presentation: The Secret to Club Success
    • Objective: Learn how to recognize and deal with situations critical to club success
    • Material: attachments: 1 (209B)/2 (290H)/3 (290)/ 4 (290A)
  • Presentation: Utilizing your Crystal Ball
    • Objective: Learn how leaders create and communicate a vision for their organization to help it be successful
    • Material: attachments: 1 (311) and 2 (311A)
  • Presentation: Maximize your PR Resources
    • Objective – create awareness of tools and resources available for PR on TI website
    • Material – no material: demonstrate the PR Corner, Virtual Brand Portal on the TI website
  • Presentation: Is your Club Healthy?
    • Objective – share experiences and information
    • Material – attachment 3 (294) and 4 (294A)
  • Presentation: Are you A Top Performer?
  • Presentation/ workshop: Division choice
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