Membership Incentives

TI Membership Campaigns – District Incentives

  • Clubs that achieve the Smedley Award (5 new paid members between August 1 and September 30) received one free Fall Conference registration1 2.
  • Clubs that achieve the Talk Up Toastmasters Award (5 new paid members between February 1 and March 31) receive one free Spring Conference registration1 2.
  • Clubs that qualify for the Beat the Clock Award (5 new paid members between May 1 and June 30) will receive a package of educational materials from Toastmasters International3 (i.e. 2 sets each of four CC and CL manuals; one set of advanced manuals; Success Communication and Success Leadership modules, etc.).
  • Any club achieving all three membership awards this year (Smedley, Talk Up Toastmasters, and Beat the Clock) will be recognized with a special presentation by one of the senior leadership team attending a meeting to provide gifts to all club members4.
  • All clubs that do not meet the award requirements for the above membership campaigns, but gain new paid members during each of the contests, will receive one entry for each new paid member gained during the respective contest. The draw will be for one additional prize (conference registration for the Smedley Award/Talk Up Toastmasters and educational materials for Beat the Clock)5.


1Recipient must be paid, active member of the club at time of receiving registration. If the individual has already registered for the conference, they will be reimbursed.

2The decision on which member receives the free registration is up to the club (suggestions include: holding a membership contest and the winner receives registration; provide it to the club’s contestant if representing them at the Conference; hold a draw, etc.) Any method for determining the recipient of the registration must be within Toastmasters International policies.

3Maximum value $125 USD. Must be used for educational materials such as manuals, books, programs, and modules.

4Date and time of presentation to the club to be determined based on the club’s meeting schedule and District Officer availability.

5Prizes awarded are subject to the same conditions as outlined for each respective campaign.

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